Why choose Cantinamena

patientia animi occultas divitias habet

Publilio Siro wrote “patientia animi occultas divitias habet” we made these words our motto. Working the land, waiting for fruit, doing ones own job in a contentious and serious way demands time and patience, a lot of patience! “Patience is a true, secret richness”!


Vines cultivated with care and organic methods


Region & climate

The vineyard,  which was originally called Vigna Amena, has its roots in the splendid scenery of the Castelli Romani…


An exciting journey

CantinAmena is first of all the story of a family. In 2004 the spouses Valeriano and Maria Rosa Mingotti, in keeping an ancient promise,
and driven by a passion for wine, acquired…

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Come and visit us

We are at the foot of the Castelli Romani in Lanuvio, a few kilometres southeast of the capital. Come and visit us and we will welcome you in a special way!