An exciting journey

CantinAmena is first of all the story of a family. In 2004 the spouses from Brescia Valeriano and Maria Rosa Mingotti, in keeping an ancient promise,

and driven by a passion for wine, acquired about twenty hectares in Campoleone di Lanuvio, in the Roman countryside. The idea is simple: selling grapes. A few years later, in 2012, their children Silvia, Enrico and Osvaldo decide to continue the dream by transforming the entrepreneurial intuition of the parents into Società Agricola Mingotti, a structured company with all the right credentials to establish itself on the market.

Clear ideas, solidity, enthusiasm and dedication are the basis of the Mingotti know-how. That is how the CantinAmena reds, whites and rosés prove their character and personality right from the first year. They record the pace of a compelling and winning journey!

PATIENTIA, ARCANA and a DOC ROMA are the reds to which in 2019 will be added the red BIBE. For rosés the proposal is the fresh and pleasant ROSAM, in honor of the mother Maria Rosa. The DIVITIA and the white BIBE, produced since 2018, complete the range of wines offered.

The essential style of the wine labels is itself a declaration

of intent: CantinAmena does not need special effects to seduce the palates of the world, on the contrary it focuses on simplicity, elegance and balance. The substance is all there, guarded by the clean shapes

of a Burgundy. Artifice and the superfluous are also banned in the vineyard and in the cellar. Società Agricola Mingotti stands out for its organic philosophy.

The grapes are grown without the help of chemicals. They are collected by hand, bunch by bunch, to then be made into wine through natural processes without additives. A precise challenge, demanding and stimulating, sustained by the professionalism of a team that is on the front line, beside the Mingotti brothers.


We are committed to producing fine wines that enrich ones taste and ones soul.


That of CantinAmena is a family history like many in the castellano territory. In 2004, driven by passion and love for wine, the founders of the company, Valeriano and Maria Rosa Mingotti, bought a historic vineyard established in Campoleone di Lanuvio during the first half of the last century. The farm covers about 18 hectares of land, which is currently totally dedicated to the organic cultivation of grapes, except for a small olive grove.

The first wine produced and marketed in 2011 was the Patientia, a wine with a strong personality. With the harvest of 2013 the Arcana (Cesanese in purity) and the white Divitia (Malvasia of Lazio) were added.


St. Augustine said that the virtue of the soul that we call patience is a gift from God, just like the fruits of the earth and of the vine. With patience one can achieve excellent results in life and in the fields. The proof of this is this young company which grows its grapes on the volcanic lands of the Castelli Romani under organic conditions and produces genuine wines full of virtue with artisan love.

The vineyard

The cultivated vine varieties, without the use of synthetic pesticides and chemical herbicides, have different origins. They range from those that are typical expressions of the territory and local traditions, such as Cesanese and Malvasia del Lazio, to those of international scope such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.




Purchase of property

1945 Eng. Giacomo Prandelli acquires the property.




The son, Dr. Pompeo Prandelli succeeds in the property of ``Vigna Amena - Olmo Bello``.
He sets up the vineyard system with organic methods.




Organic certification of the farm




Valeriano Mingotti buys his entire property from his friend Pompeo Prandelli and begins the restructuring of the vineyards, moving from a marquee to a row structure.




First production of ``Patientia`` with vinification at an external organic cellar.



Divitia and Arcana

First production of ``Divitia`` and of the Cesanese ``Arcana``.



Mingotti family

After his death, the sons and the wife of Valeriano Mingotti, take over the reins of the Company.



New cellar

March: start of the renovation of the cellar, which ends in 2016 kicking off the first winemaking in the current cellar.