We are in the last strip of the province of Rome under the Roman hills of Castel Gandolfo and it is not surprising that among the crowds who rushed to the inauguration of the new organic cellar of CantinAmena there are cardinals and many celebs of the area.

Among crops of kiwi and solar panels in a landscape which still needs to be defined that seems to unfold in sections like many Italian provinces. However in here, beyond the gate, there is a special, optimistic and confident atmosphere, full of interesting ideas for the territory …

We are close to the Doc Aprilia, Colli Albani and Marino, known almost exclusively from sommelier courses, but the land is generous and interesting for those who try to exploit its potential in terms of winemaking so much so that some large groups are beginning to invest in the area. Meanwhile, it was the Mingotti family with the siblings Silvia Osvaldo and Enrico, who in 2004 decided to invest in the renewal of Vigna Amena, the vineyard bought by their parents Valeriano and Maria Rosa due to the friendship that linked them to the Prandelli family, who were the owners of the place in the post-war period, as they tell us in our tour of the underground cellar.

Today the company has 18 hectares of vineyards, 1 hectare of kiwis and an olive grove, all under organic management under the guidance of a young and motivated team from the agronomist Daniele Vittorilli to the oenologist Claudia Agrifani. There are 10 implanted vitigines (including Montepulciano d’Abruzzo and petit verdot) but the attention is immediately focused on Cesanese, dotted Malvasia, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. From these last two the first wine of the new company course was born, the Patientia 2011, which was followed by the Cesana Arcana in 2013 together with the Divitia, Malvasia of Lazio. By skipping the 2012 harvest, the Patientia was re-presented in a more defined and elegant version in 2013 and we tasted it from the tank before part of it passes to barrique for the 2015 blend, definitely intriguing for perfume definition and aromatic complexity. In the historic cellar, which was cleaned up during the construction of the new structure, one can observe the tuffaceous subsoil, where you can and walk through the stages of the company and family history in an intriguing journey which shows a beautiful beginning to a story which is yet to be written.

We speak extensively about Cesanese Arcana on Doctorwine while here we report our impressions on other wines.

Patientia 2011 Lazio IGP 50 & 50 cab and Merlot vineyards already about twenty years old, the first wine of the new course today tastes of fig blueberry and caramel pepper, ginger and pepper, rich pulpy texture with touches of oriental spices very apt even if missing a bit of panache and tannins. 84

Patientia 2013 Lazio IGP 50 + 50 cab and Merlot plus 5% Petit Verdot, color that captivates, intensity of fresh red and black fruit, tannin crunchy and sapid, complex but agile texture. Good fruity taste and substance without overdoing it, a nod of extra class that shows a clear improvement 87

Patientia Lazio IGP 2015 (sample of the tank, still in steel) crispy dark peppery and peppery hazelnut with really three-dimensional fruit that runs out of the glass, texture with fresh and net black and red currant, great energy and richness that shows good promise. One part will finish the aging in wood with barriques of various origins and tostura which will then be blended with the rest of the volume left in steel 88+

Malvasia Lazio PGI 2015 rich floral fruity, savory and intense, salt and intensity, sun fruit and chalky texture very attractive and refreshing, balsamic finish between mint and gooseberry 86


Cantinamena Farm
Campoleone of Lanuvio (RM)
Via Cisternense, 17
Article taken from website: http://www.vinodaburde.com/

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