CantinAmena & Music: Mutual attraction

Here at CantinAmena we make wine with the passion of those who love and enjoy it above all. For this reason, we always explore new points of view: the musical combination is a stimulating and completely personal vision, which suits our wines.

For example, try to imagine the contrast between the hints of apricot and citrus fruit in Divitia. It reminded us of Peace by Ornette Coleman, a magnificent piece where improvisation is freed from musical constraints, where every instrument is linked to the temperament of others, where pathos is the thing that slips into your throat and reconciles you with the world. Peace, indeed. Or perhaps think of the orchestral version of The Lady Rachel by Kevin Ayers: sublime existential melancholy, elegant nostalgia and the joy of living at the same time. Just a sip and Divitia makes a hint disappear to make it then reappear by enchantment within the other feeling that has taken its place. An eccentric wine, therefore, recommended to solitary dandies and the decadent.

In Arcana, however, the name itself tells of a kind mystery, like the dark fruit contained inside. It seems to immerse itself in the Hammond organ flurries of Hymn to Mother Earth by Afreaka: carnal Afro-Caribbean movements tempered by liturgical choirs. It seems to sink into the shamanic ballad of I’m the One by Annette Peacok, where the languid, soft blues is illuminated by flares of soul music. A wine with a secret intensity, dedicated to those who love to investigate intimacy and get lost in its possible explanations. Perhaps without choosing any of them.

Finally, Patientia: an exquisite, dense structure like that of Nina Simone in Ain’t got no… I’ve got Life. A robust overwhelming feeling like a chorus made up of few notes which at the same time hides many surprises, taste after taste. For this reason, with Patientia we also love combining a composition which at first seems contradictory, just like the second of the Trois Gymnopédies by Erik Satie. Patientia is enjoyed on two parallel dimensions which would seemingly never touch each other and this is its main virtue. It is a wine which is not at all superficial, dedicated to a passionate audience.

Our target

We are committed to producing fine wines that enrich ones taste and ones soul.


That of CantinAmena is a family history like many in the castellano territory. In 2004, driven by passion and love for wine, the founders of the company, Valeriano and Maria Rosa Mingotti, bought a historic vineyard established in Campoleone di Lanuvio during the first half of the last century. The farm covers about 18 hectares of land, which is currently totally dedicated to the organic cultivation of grapes, except for a small olive grove and a plot of about 1 hectare cultivated with kiwis.

The first wine produced and marketed in 2011 was the Patientia, a wine with a strong personality, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot. With the harvest of 2013 the Arcana (Cesanese in purity) and the white Divitia (Malvasia of Lazio) were added.


St. Augustine said that the virtue of the soul that we call patience is a gift from God, just like the fruits of the earth and of the vine. With patience one can achieve excellent results in life and in the fields. The proof of this is this young company which grows its grapes on the volcanic lands of the Castelli Romani under organic conditions and produces genuine wines full of virtue with artisan love.


The cultivated vine varieties, without the use of synthetic pesticides and chemical herbicides, have different origins. They range from those that are typical expressions of the territory and local traditions, such as Cesanese and Malvasia del Lazio, to those of international scope such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.